Cost effective, high quality video production

From a very simple 30 second commercial to a long form complex video story, we bring the exact team and tools necessary to tell a great story for you!

When the project is simple, we plan and shoot your short video with a small crew and add voice over and/or music later. We keep the costs low by using only the necessary people and equipment on site.

For more complex projects, we can handle all the details.  A turn-key production includes expert research and planning to keep you on time and on budget. We identify your needs up front, get your approval, and deliver exactly what you need with a minimum of your time required.

And we’re right here in Sarasota, so the projects run smoothly and cost less.

A turn key professional production can include:

  • storyboard and script
  • location scouting
  • talent casting
  • professional voice over
  • music selection and licensing
  • post production:  editing and computer graphics
  • online posting and/or delivery for broadcast

Who Watches Video?

40% of your prospects who watch a marketing video will do so with other professionals.
A video sent to a non-buyers will be passed along to the right person in the company 50% of the time!   Having a pass-along video available will help your prospects persuade their associates and bosses.  It also ensures that your story is told accurately.
A well produced video almost guarantees that your message will be seen by the people who matter most to your business.  According to The Wharton School of Business, a well produced video increases information retention by 50% and speeds up buying decisions by 72% over a print brochure.

How Do I Use Video?

OK, so you have a great video…what do you do with it?

Post it on your website. It will add visual impact, improve your search rankings, help position you as an expert, and increase the length of time visitors spend on your site.

Add a video link to your emails and newsletters. Your open and click through rates will increase dramatically! You can link to your video in your marketing emails.   It’s a great prospecting tool. Imagine that your sales representative calls a prospect, asks for permission to email some information, and immediately sends an email that includes your marketing video.  (They could even watch the video with the prospect while still talking on the phone!)

Your sales force can use your video on a laptop or tablet, or embed it into a Powerpoint presentation. It can be a great way to get attention at a convention or trade show booth.  Your media contacts will appreciate it as a PR tool.

Share a video with callers who need information or product assistance. Your customer service and sales reps can even talk with customers as they view it.

Show it on a digital sign in your lobby or store. You often have a captive audience if there’s wait time. Today, there’s no expensive technology needed to share your message right on a big screen.

Use it for a local cable commercial. A well planned video shoot will also give you footage that can be inserted into a 30 second local spot for a surprisingly low cost.

What Types of Video Should I Consider?

Video can help you stand out from your competitors who aren’t using it. And you may not realize just how many opportunities you have to make interesting and useful video.

  • Location tour – in store experience
  • Demonstration of your product or service in use
  • Testimonial from your customers
  • Expert in your field
  • Business branding
  • Personal or founder bio
  • Educational: training, tutorials, how-to use, assemble, modify, customize a product
  • Press information for sharing

Video, Your Customers’ #1 Choice for Content

In a society where there is an overwhelming amount of information available, customers crave unique and credible content. Our job is to assist you in determining the best types of videos to communicate your message and to incorporate the message using production values that will hold the viewer’s attention.

People want someone who can solve their problems, so authenticity and trust are critical. The entertainment value and visual stimulation of videos can give you the edge in communicating to your customers and prospects. Well produced video can help you meet your objectives. This medium can be incredibly compelling and versatile when it is well produced, entertaining and properly placed.