A Highly Effective Sales Tool

Video makes your business attractive and engaging . Viewers see what your company is really about and get to know your business on an intimate level. When people hear your words it creates a much more personal connection.
Video allows your customers to engage with your brand and make informed purchase decisions. Expect higher conversion rates, increased satisfaction and reduced returns.

Higher Response Rates

Video raises response rates by 4 to 7 times over landing pages with text and images alone.
source: SearchEngineWatch

More New Customers

1 in 5 people who view your video will give you a call.
source: BIA/Kelsey

Higher Spending

60% of users spend more when they are presented with online video during the sales process.
source: akami

Easier Buying Decisions

52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.
source: Invodo

Examples of effective sales videos. Let’s talk about your story.

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Online Video Explodes

The audience for traditional media (like TV, print, and radio) is on the decline. But they are still very expensive. Producing a video is a one time investment that gives you numerous ways to get exposure.

You reach a wider audience for as long as you wish with video, and the effect is cumulative. And unlike traditional media outlets with a specific schedule to follow, the internet lets people view your content when they are ready.

Opportunities to Share Video

  • your website
  • attached to emails and newsletters
  • your YouTube channel
  • shared on your social media sites
  • a digital sign
  • a Powerpoint presentation
  • trade show booth