Top Ten Videos

Show prospective visitors and customers what to expect. Short summary videos are popular with viewers and “top ten” is a trending search term. This style of video is:

  • fast paced
  • conveys a lot of information in a short form
  • very shareable because the format is well understood

This client uses a top-ten video to clearly demonstrate the best reasons for a vacation at their property.

Selling Location

Not only do videos help to sell the experience, they set accurate expectations and eliminate pre-sales questions. This short video was produced specifically to answer the question…”how far is it to the beach?” Not only does it demonstrate that the water is within about 100′ from the door, but it features a great sunset view.

Vacation Marketing

When your potential guests are sitting in the cold and snow, video helps them dream about their upcoming vacation in the sun. Videos help them choose your property for their vacation by showing:

  • the style and cleanliness of the accommodations
  • property amenities
  • the location in relation to activities

This client uses videos to clearly demonstrate the pristine cottages available for a vacation get-away.

Vacation Marketing

A small beach vacation rental property with 9 cottages needed a website makeover and new photos and videos to reflect updated property amenities. The project was an overall marketing campaign that included a name change, website redesign, integration of social marketing and a YouTube channel featuring the new HD property videos.

The emphasis was on creating videos that show the unique personality of each of the different cottages. Viewership of the videos is high and serves to speed the reservation process since clients make selections based on the various sizes, levels, amenities and location on the property.  To accommodate the client’s budget, the photos were made using primarily natural light and 3 point lighting.

Customer Satisfaction

Your business benefits when your customers have the experience they anticipate.  Whether you offer a product or a service, ensuring that clients get the most from their purchase or their visit is important.  Video is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and boost repeat business.  Show it, don’t sell it.  For customers, getting a chance to see a location or a product in use is the next best thing to being there.

This hotel wanted to show their facilities and nearby activities. Working with the client, we identified appropriate locations and businesses to feature in a property tour video. The long form of this video runs on in-house television as a video concierge to inform and educate guests about nearby activities that will enhance their stay.  A shorter version was created for use on the website to sell the hotel amenities.  Both were created from a single turn-key production.

Vacation Activities

A variety of fun activities within walking distance make a vacation spot more desirable. This video features a bike ride to the nearby village. Guests see that they can easily walk to shopping, restaurants and bars from the property. This is a selling feature for this location that a video demonstrates far better than words.


Emotional Selling

What do your customers desire? What do they find interesting and appealing? Purchasing decisions are based on emotional reasons and then later justified with logic. Drama and emotion will outsell logic and facts every single time. The more dramatic your story, the more emotioinal impact it has on viewers.

When someone is dreaming of a vacation, the right video can help them select their destination. This video combines calming music and sounds, interesting camera angles, and natural lighting to establish a soothing, relaxing mood. A property tour of vacation rental homes can keep your calendar booked.

Influence the Decision

When someone is actively searching for a product or service, your video can differentiate you from all of your competitors.  Well produced online video offers the visual impact of television at the very time prospects are ready to make a decision.

This property tour video is a key component in the marketing of this beach front home in the competitive vacation real estate market.  By emphasizing the exceptional location and the amazing views, this video tour significantly increased bookings through VRBO, Homeaway, and the property website.

The supporting photos are HDR – a technique which ensures correct exposure for the interior of the room and the exterior view.  This was critical given the fact that the views are a primary selling point for this property.