Personal Branding

If you have personality traits that appeal to your customer, show them. Do you want to be perceived as trustworthy, experienced, stable, innovative, disciplined…? Video will let you personally connect. Customers make decisions about doing business with a company for many reasons. Communicating your experience and values in a real and personal way helps prospective customers make a decision about working with you. This video uses the latest trend in “talking head” videos. An owner speaking casually in front of a crisp, modern white backdrop allows for insertion of CG text. Shots of the speaker are interspersed with interesting b-footage. The pace and multiple edits help maintain the viewer’s interest.

Video Bio

Sarasota directors discuss their film at the Sarasota Film Festival. This casual, outdoor interview type biography is the right choice for the subjects and their product.  The lighthearted, zany personality communicated by this video of two local directors is right in line with the film they are promoting. Their fan base, potential volunteers and investors will understand their style right away. This introductory video could be used for promoting the Sarasota Film Festival and by the participants to introduce their production company to investors.

Danielle White Bio

A personal video bio of a local Sarasota actress. Danielle White stars as Dez in the movie Beautiful Noise by Steve Tatone. The film opened to sold out shows at the Sarasota Film Festival. Originally from Sarasota, Danielle talks about her early musical and drama training at Booker High School. She also discusses her future career plans. A video bio is a great way to promote yourself.