Tell Your Story

Video is the most powerful and compelling story telling medium.

This video tells a story with entertaining imagery and music to share the flavor of downtown Sarasota.  The purpose is to entice more visitors to explore the vibrant downtown area and spend money in the shops, restaurants and galleries.

Call us…Let’s talk about the customer experience in your business…you have a story to tell.

Sponsored By

Interesting and well attended local events offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to get exposure by sponsoring video. YouTube is the second most searched site on the internet, and when an event is upcoming people search for information and experience videos.

This video features a local annual event – Siesta Fiesta – that gets many searches online each year. It is an example of the type of content that can be sponsored. “Sponsored By” videos are a cost effective way to get exposure. They generally include the business name, address, logo, and website address as an opening and/or closing. They can also include a special offer or short business branding interview. When you associate your name with a frequently searched or popular event, you can get exposure every time that search is done. One expense, repeated exposure, year after year.

Your Press Room

Make your own news! Your story is easy to share when you offer video in the “News” or “Press” section of your website. Press releases about your event, product or service are automatically more interesting when you provide informative video content.

If you have annual events, the videos are also useful as future promotional materials.

Announce an Event

Announce your event. Invite guests. Share for exposure. Video is a great way to raise awareness and enthusiasm for an upcoming event.

A VIP party that helps fund the annual fireworks on Siesta Key Beach is shared on Youtube, facebook and member websites to encourage attendance.

Event Sponsorship

Video helps you promote your event and show the benefits of sponsorship.  Let prospective sponsors see how they gain community recognition by participating. Nonprofits can recognize their sponsors and use video to sell sponsor advertising right on the video. And with annual events, the videos will appear in search results year after year. Contact us to learn how to boost your fundraising.


Danielle White Bio

A personal video bio of a local Sarasota actress. Danielle White stars as Dez in the movie Beautiful Noise by Steve Tatone. The film opened to sold out shows at the Sarasota Film Festival. Originally from Sarasota, Danielle talks about her early musical and drama training at Booker High School. She also discusses her future career plans. A video bio is a great way to promote yourself.

VIP Event

Promote your events, celebrate your sponsors, share information with the community. Video shares the experience better than words or still images.

Sponsored Video

Right now is the time to broadcast your message to your target market using a combination of social media and video.  Get affordable exposure for your business, product or service by sponsoring one of our videos. We will work with you to identify subjects of interest to your specific market and create content appropriate for you to sponsor.  The video might be a popular event, local artist or band, a vacation activity or a video tour of an area.  Your sponsored video will begin and end with a “brought to you by” mention. If you are the promoter of an event, consider offering video recognition of sponsors.  For example, this fundraiser for the Sarasota Selby Public Library not only shares the event experience, but also recognizes the many companies and individuals involved in this popular event.

You get keyword search benefits, longer page views on your website and buzz about your product or service.  With compelling content, videos are shared and “liked” by visitors to your site or You Tube channel. If you don’t think you need video messaging.  Consider this…You Tube pulls in the second highest number of searches on the internet now.  And the search engines love video, so this is the very best way to promote your business online right now.