Selling Luxury

Video conveys the essence of a product like no other marketing medium. If your target market has an upscale demographic, your video needs to match the expectations of that market. If you sell upscale products or services…high end homes, luxury automobiles, fashionable spa services…consider video. Effective video is developed based on top market trends. It begins with a clear understanding of the prospective customer and includes a professionally written script, expertly selected music and experienced voice over.

This video tour of a multi-million dollar Sarasota waterfront home is an example of a market driven video. The message focuses on the most desirable features according to market research for this demographic.

Top Ten Videos

Show prospective visitors and customers what to expect. Short summary videos are popular with viewers and “top ten” is a trending search term. This style of video is:

  • fast paced
  • conveys a lot of information in a short form
  • very shareable because the format is well understood

This client uses a top-ten video to clearly demonstrate the best reasons for a vacation at their property.

Selling Location

Not only do videos help to sell the experience, they set accurate expectations and eliminate pre-sales questions. This short video was produced specifically to answer the question…”how far is it to the beach?” Not only does it demonstrate that the water is within about 100′ from the door, but it features a great sunset view.

Vacation Marketing

When your potential guests are sitting in the cold and snow, video helps them dream about their upcoming vacation in the sun. Videos help them choose your property for their vacation by showing:

  • the style and cleanliness of the accommodations
  • property amenities
  • the location in relation to activities

This client uses videos to clearly demonstrate the pristine cottages available for a vacation get-away.

Personal Branding

If you have personality traits that appeal to your customer, show them. Do you want to be perceived as trustworthy, experienced, stable, innovative, disciplined…? Video will let you personally connect. Customers make decisions about doing business with a company for many reasons. Communicating your experience and values in a real and personal way helps prospective customers make a decision about working with you. This video uses the latest trend in “talking head” videos. An owner speaking casually in front of a crisp, modern white backdrop allows for insertion of CG text. Shots of the speaker are interspersed with interesting b-footage. The pace and multiple edits help maintain the viewer’s interest.

Tell Your Story

Video is the most powerful and compelling story telling medium.

This video tells a story with entertaining imagery and music to share the flavor of downtown Sarasota.  The purpose is to entice more visitors to explore the vibrant downtown area and spend money in the shops, restaurants and galleries.

Call us…Let’s talk about the customer experience in your business…you have a story to tell.

Vacation Marketing

A small beach vacation rental property with 9 cottages needed a website makeover and new photos and videos to reflect updated property amenities. The project was an overall marketing campaign that included a name change, website redesign, integration of social marketing and a YouTube channel featuring the new HD property videos.

The emphasis was on creating videos that show the unique personality of each of the different cottages. Viewership of the videos is high and serves to speed the reservation process since clients make selections based on the various sizes, levels, amenities and location on the property.  To accommodate the client’s budget, the photos were made using primarily natural light and 3 point lighting.

Sponsored By

Interesting and well attended local events offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to get exposure by sponsoring video. YouTube is the second most searched site on the internet, and when an event is upcoming people search for information and experience videos.

This video features a local annual event – Siesta Fiesta – that gets many searches online each year. It is an example of the type of content that can be sponsored. “Sponsored By” videos are a cost effective way to get exposure. They generally include the business name, address, logo, and website address as an opening and/or closing. They can also include a special offer or short business branding interview. When you associate your name with a frequently searched or popular event, you can get exposure every time that search is done. One expense, repeated exposure, year after year.

Expert Video

56%  of online users watch educational and “how-to” videos. Your customers would rather watch a video to understand your business.  A short video tells them more about your products or service than words alone possibly could.  Let people see your company in action and view you as an expert.

Run and Gun Video

Run and gun video is one take with the camera and a few simple edits. This is a fast, in-expensive video shot in a public location. A great way to get a low budget, but effective interview done with minimal disruption. Great for event news, company PR, responding to a rumor, or as a promotion during a trade show.