Customer Testimonial

An authentic and genuine video testimonial can quickly build credibility and trust. Seeing another customer talk about their experience helps your prospective customers feel comfortable with you and your your business.

Introduce Your Brand

Successful brands are based on beliefs, not just products.  It’s difficult to get emotionally involved from a few still photos and a little text.  A talking head can be boring with a BIG B.

But an intimate and interesting founder belief video can be the very best way to tell prospective customers about your business. This video of a “pre-grand opening” community event shares the owner’s vision for her new gallery. It is also an excellent branding tool because it demonstrates her commitment to community involvement in Towles Court artist colony in Sarasota.

Demonstration Video

Video lets you to create and share engaging content with your audience in a way that plain text can never equal. People also love video because they don’t have the patience or time to read through a lengthy description. A video can offer viewers a flavor of the experience they will have at your location, a hint of things to come and comfort with a process or product.

Do I want to visit here?  A video will help me decide.


Vacation Activities

A variety of fun activities within walking distance make a vacation spot more desirable. This video features a bike ride to the nearby village. Guests see that they can easily walk to shopping, restaurants and bars from the property. This is a selling feature for this location that a video demonstrates far better than words.


Emotional Selling

What do your customers desire? What do they find interesting and appealing? Purchasing decisions are based on emotional reasons and then later justified with logic. Drama and emotion will outsell logic and facts every single time. The more dramatic your story, the more emotioinal impact it has on viewers.

When someone is dreaming of a vacation, the right video can help them select their destination. This video combines calming music and sounds, interesting camera angles, and natural lighting to establish a soothing, relaxing mood. A property tour of vacation rental homes can keep your calendar booked.

Sponsored Video

Right now is the time to broadcast your message to your target market using a combination of social media and video.  Get affordable exposure for your business, product or service by sponsoring one of our videos. We will work with you to identify subjects of interest to your specific market and create content appropriate for you to sponsor.  The video might be a popular event, local artist or band, a vacation activity or a video tour of an area.  Your sponsored video will begin and end with a “brought to you by” mention. If you are the promoter of an event, consider offering video recognition of sponsors.  For example, this fundraiser for the Sarasota Selby Public Library not only shares the event experience, but also recognizes the many companies and individuals involved in this popular event.

You get keyword search benefits, longer page views on your website and buzz about your product or service.  With compelling content, videos are shared and “liked” by visitors to your site or You Tube channel. If you don’t think you need video messaging.  Consider this…You Tube pulls in the second highest number of searches on the internet now.  And the search engines love video, so this is the very best way to promote your business online right now.

Influence the Decision

When someone is actively searching for a product or service, your video can differentiate you from all of your competitors.  Well produced online video offers the visual impact of television at the very time prospects are ready to make a decision.

This property tour video is a key component in the marketing of this beach front home in the competitive vacation real estate market.  By emphasizing the exceptional location and the amazing views, this video tour significantly increased bookings through VRBO, Homeaway, and the property website.

The supporting photos are HDR – a technique which ensures correct exposure for the interior of the room and the exterior view.  This was critical given the fact that the views are a primary selling point for this property.