Selling Luxury

Video conveys the essence of a product like no other marketing medium. If your target market has an upscale demographic, your video needs to match the expectations of that market. If you sell upscale products or services…high end homes, luxury automobiles, fashionable spa services…consider video. Effective video is developed based on top market trends. It begins with a clear understanding of the prospective customer and includes a professionally written script, expertly selected music and experienced voice over.

This video tour of a multi-million dollar Sarasota waterfront home is an example of a market driven video. The message focuses on the most desirable features according to market research for this demographic.

Top Ten Videos

Show prospective visitors and customers what to expect. Short summary videos are popular with viewers and “top ten” is a trending search term. This style of video is:

  • fast paced
  • conveys a lot of information in a short form
  • very shareable because the format is well understood

This client uses a top-ten video to clearly demonstrate the best reasons for a vacation at their property.