Targeted Campaign

Compelling video creates a specific picture in the viewer’s mind. Production values should reflect the interests of the targeted group. Targeting kids, this video features hot music, hot colors and fast paced edits.

The Sarasota Visitors’ Bureau exists to draw new tourists to Sarasota, and they use this video to attract families with children. A site featuring a collection of videos can create a useful destination for people searching the internet for information.

Selling Travel

In addition to marketing a vacation property and it’s on-site amenities, property owners know that visitors want to know details about the location. Additional videos of the surrounding area give guests a picture of exactly how close this property is to the water. A top priority for beach vacations.

Video Bio

Sarasota directors discuss their film at the Sarasota Film Festival. This casual, outdoor interview type biography is the right choice for the subjects and their product.  The lighthearted, zany personality communicated by this video of two local directors is right in line with the film they are promoting. Their fan base, potential volunteers and investors will understand their style right away. This introductory video could be used for promoting the Sarasota Film Festival and by the participants to introduce their production company to investors.

Event Sponsorship

Video helps you promote your event and show the benefits of sponsorship.  Let prospective sponsors see how they gain community recognition by participating. Nonprofits can recognize their sponsors and use video to sell sponsor advertising right on the video. And with annual events, the videos will appear in search results year after year. Contact us to learn how to boost your fundraising.


Danielle White Bio

A personal video bio of a local Sarasota actress. Danielle White stars as Dez in the movie Beautiful Noise by Steve Tatone. The film opened to sold out shows at the Sarasota Film Festival. Originally from Sarasota, Danielle talks about her early musical and drama training at Booker High School. She also discusses her future career plans. A video bio is a great way to promote yourself.

VIP Event

Promote your events, celebrate your sponsors, share information with the community. Video shares the experience better than words or still images.

Customer Testimonial

An authentic and genuine video testimonial can quickly build credibility and trust. Seeing another customer talk about their experience helps your prospective customers feel comfortable with you and your your business.

Introduce Your Brand

Successful brands are based on beliefs, not just products.  It’s difficult to get emotionally involved from a few still photos and a little text.  A talking head can be boring with a BIG B.

But an intimate and interesting founder belief video can be the very best way to tell prospective customers about your business. This video of a “pre-grand opening” community event shares the owner’s vision for her new gallery. It is also an excellent branding tool because it demonstrates her commitment to community involvement in Towles Court artist colony in Sarasota.

Demonstration Video

Video lets you to create and share engaging content with your audience in a way that plain text can never equal. People also love video because they don’t have the patience or time to read through a lengthy description. A video can offer viewers a flavor of the experience they will have at your location, a hint of things to come and comfort with a process or product.

Do I want to visit here?  A video will help me decide.